Rep. Adam Schiff, the prominent Democrat in the committee of House of Intelligence while talking to ABC under its programme “This Week” on Sunday, said that he was in favor of Congress granting authorization for the use of military force against the Islamic Sate (IS), but he was quick to add that President Obama should not be handed over, what he called, a blank check on the issue.

Only the last week, almost after the lapse of six months after the beginning of the military campaign by the U.S. against IS, ISIS or ISIL, President Obama sent a proposal for authorization of his military action against the terrorist group to Congress. On passing of this authorization, he will get approval from Congress for military action for three years against the terror group called Islamic State. Schiff added that inaction of Congress on this matter would send a wrong message about the process of lawmaking in the U.S. He further revealed that failure of Congress to pass the resolution would mean Congress cannot sink differences to pass an important resolution, and would send wrong signal to future Presidents. It was appalling that it took six months to take up the matter, he added.

Whether to Handover A “Blank Check” to Obama on War by CongressHe said, it was important to find ways and means to get a yes on the point of authorization, but nevertheless, warned members not to hand unlimited power to use military as in case of the 2001 authorization, the fallout of which is still evident in the President’s proposal. He is against granting authorization to use military force wherever he wants, whoever he wants, in any way he wants. Obama’s Chief Of staff, Denis McDonough, said to CBS under its programme “Face the Nation” on Sunday that Congress should not fizzle out the issue like Obama’s 2013 request for launching of airstrikes on Syria, which never got approval. Rep. Adam Kinzinger who also participated on “The Week” said that under the resolution President does not get a free hand. The draft resolution would reiterate U.S determination to destroy ISIS, and Congress by passing the authorization would become the real commander-in-chief who takes strategic decision.