Republican senators have been chided by the White House for their role in the letter to Iran’s government, dissuading them from going into any nuclear negotiation with President Obama.

Vice President Joe Biden conveyed this strong message, saying that throughout the history of the Senate, which he had been part of for a long time, there has never been such a derision of the US constitution as exhibited by the senators. That they had no justification of going to a supposed enemy country to incite them against entering into an agreement with the president.

He pinpointed the fact that this trend if allowed to continue, poses a great threat to the unity and security of the United States, and the ability for any US president to carry out his constitutional responsibilities with respect to American foreign policy.

White House Angry with Republican Senators for Direct Contact With IranThough negotiations are currently ongoing between America and five other countries on how to create a suitable structure that would prevent Iran from their quest to acquire nuclear bomb, critics however refused to buy into this idea. They claim that the negotiations have the potential of according Iran the structure they need to acquire the very weapons they were being discouraged to build. These weapons the critics say could be targeted at Israel and other enemies of Iran.

Vice President Biden stated that not only had the senators positioned themselves as conspirators against the US constitution, they have not been able to proffer other options better than the diplomatic route the US government has taken.