On Saturday morning, a vendor cart nearby to the White House caught on fire, just before President Barack Obama was meant to leave for Selma in Alabama, which resulted in the White House being put under a security lockdown until the situation had been resolved.

At the time, there was a gathering of press and media outside the White House, near to the south lawn, hoping to catch a glimpse of the President as he was departing. He was scheduled to attend a 50th anniversary civil rights march, a historic event in Selma. However, a loud noise resulted in the Secret Service moving all of the press and media to the briefing room, before locking all of the doors and putting the White House on an official lockdown.

White House Put on Security LockdownAlthough fire fighters quickly responded to the fire at the vendor cart, there was another suspicious incident also occurring at the time. Nearby, a bomb-sniffing dog had detected something suspicious on a vehicle, which led to the Secret Service investigating the vehicle with other officials. The two incidents are unlikely to be related, but more will be known after the investigations have been completed.

Obama, as well as his family, were not on the south lawn at the time of the incident, although the lockdown did end up slightly delaying their departure. Rather than arriving at the Andrews Air Force Base by helicopter, they arrived by motorcade, before boarding the Air Force One after a 50 minute delay due to the lockdown.