The NFL is reshaping for next season. Players jumping ships and teams reorganizing. With teams having secured the services of the top-rated free agents, all is set for major trades to be recorded. Although the opening day was not as busy as expected, there were three major moves worth mentioning. St. Louis Rams quarterback Sam Bradford crossed over to Philadelphia Eagles, while Nick Foles went the opposite way with some draft picks. With Ndamukong Suh gone, Detroit Lions had to sacrifice some draft picks for Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata. Finally, Seattle Seahawks welcomed Mark Unger, a star tight end.
Let us now look at some of the winners and losers of the day.

Win Some, Lose Some - The Intrigues of NFL TradesWinners

Baltimore Ravens
With the departure of Haloti Ngata, Baltimore Ravens is sitting pretty well on a $7.5 million spending fund this year, with the potential of netting $8.5 million in savings.
Russell Wilson
Having played with excellent receivers before, Wilson has never had any cause to worry about the chaotic outside. With a full box, Marshawn Lynch in the backfield, and Jimmy Graham on the outside, Wilson will have the most enjoyable play space ever.


Nick Foles
Foles’ trade to St. Louis Rams means he has gone from a well-adapted Chip Kelly system, to a Jeff Fisher lack-luster system. Jeff may not have the right structure to bring out the best in Foles.
Philadelphia Eagles
Splurging more than $10 million dollars on a quarterback while releasing a second-round pick is a gamble. With no real deal on the offense department, the risk is unimaginable.