Windows 10 Surface Book 2A first wave of new features expected to arrive in June 2016. For the second, it will take more than a year.

The timing of the next evolution of Windows 10 States. While the next update of Windows 10 is already in the pipes under the name of “Redstone” arrive in June, another delivery was scheduled by end 2016 under the name of ‘Redstone 2 ‘.

But according to WinBeta, this second wave of upgrade has been postponed to the spring of 2017. Mary Jo Folley, Microsoft for ZDnet US specialist, has just confirmed this information based on its own sources, and think even knowing the reason.

An update for new processors

The editor would like to synchronize the release of Redstone 2 with the launch of a series of new terminals Windows 10… designed by Microsoft! Thus, the Surface Pro 5 and Book 2 could happen early next year. This confirms in any case that divisions Windows and products work more hand in hand. One can therefore imagine new software features coupled with the new capabilities of the hardware.

This new deadline would be in any case related to the release of the next family of Intel processors, Kaby Lake, these facilities should integrate. These new chips should be available in volume from end 2016.

Microsoft probably wants to give a few months to ensure that the new features agree well with the hardware platform and avoid the disappointments. Its Surface Pro 4 and Book announced end of 2015 have indeed experienced some problems.

Windows 10 Surface Book 2-2What to expect from the two Redstone?

Can what features we expect to get with Redstone 1 and 2? For the moment, it is still a little early to tell, especially since Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed this calendar in two stages. The biggest changes should include the convergence of the code between PC, phone and game console, with the generalization of universal applications key. The service Continuum, available on some smartphones and allows them to be used as a PC, is also at the top of the priorities of development, like support for extensions for the browser Edge. But it will have to wait a little more to know precisely what features will actually arrive in these two updates.

This delay in the arrival of Redstone 2 does not mean that any new product will be announced by Microsoft. It is simply quite likely that it is not also notable as the Surface Book flagship products.