The winning of all the top premier league teams mainly on January 17 and 18 by Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Manchester United, Stoke and West Ham in the mid-January have cost Shares in bookie William Hill to see a tumble. This wins showed that £13million was lost in bookie.

This week was one of the bad weeks for Bookie in couple of years, despite the given lose, the board still has expectation for 2015.

Struggle was also evident in the results of the full year, in 2014, the pre-tax profit downed by 9% to £234million and an increase of 8% to 1.6billion was realized in the revenue.

A record was set in the world cup by the firm booking bets worth £226.8million.

Falling of William Hills shares from 15.0p to 376.7p made the investors to be cautious with their moves.

The industry is expected to beef up their operation amid increased tax and regulation.

Winning Streak of the Customers hits William Hill Revenue