Apple has just unconfined iOS 8.3 as a beta version for the development team, which is quite rare since iOS 8.2 is based on Beta 5 but not yet revealed to the consumers. The new beta version offers an exclusive feature i.e. Wireless CarPlay support. Till now CarPlay works only via wiring, but a wireless version (maybe via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) has been discussed earlier while the previous version launched.

The functionality of wireless CarPlay appears in a sub menu under the General mode category under Settings app. This feature gives instruction to the users to hold down their voice control button in order to initiate the pairing process in their cars. Once the app is set up, wireless CarPlay could be proven compatible with any vehicle whenever a driver enters into the car and starts up the engine. This is even more convenient than it is working now. Because in this new advanced feature, the car owner need not to take out his phone out of the pocket for starting it. Once the primary pairing process is done, it will be automatic.

Wireless CarPlay Support in IOS 8.3 Beta Version

This iOS Beta version also supports Google 2-factor login via the addition of Gmail or any Google-hosting account for sending mails, calendar, contact synchronization and many more. The keyboard structure has also been reformed that allow users scrolling on continuous basis. Thus aids to move through the entire catalog, and again some sub icons to jump within a particular batch of collection.

Even Apple has launched a recent update which is swift – a new programming language with Xcode 3.6 and it will surely help the development team to further enhance its’ features and functionalities.