On Monday, Rihanna released her music video for her song “Work” which Drake was also included in the video. The first video includes footages that Rihanna is having a party with plenty of alcohol and weed as well as she is dancing in front of a mirror. The second one is the one which caused the sensation since Rihanna and Drake are really close to each other and Rihanna is looking like she is seducing Drake with her hot attitudes and very short skirt. These shots arise many questions on the minds about whether we will see them as partners or not in the close future.

Work Lyrics of Rihanna Caused a Sensation

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Rihanna’s song “Work” has caused plenty of commotion since Rihanna and Drake dropped their dual music videos for “Work” on Monday. With two versions of the same “Work” song, many people are focused on the visuals, with Rihanna dancing and staring in the mirror in one version at a wild party with weed and liquor. The second video features just as much heat between Rihanna and Drake, with Rihanna sporting a brilliantly long weave and a seriously short skirt.

Others are looking up lyric videos to Rihanna’s work, and discovering sometimes that they still don’t understand what Rihanna is trying to convey even after they read the “Work” lyrics on Genius. That is likely why the below cover from Samantha Harvey is so popular. Harvey writes on Facebook that it took her lots of time to translate Rihanna’s lyrics for “Work” and come up with the below “Work” cover, where more insight is uncovered about the meaning of Rihanna’s “Work” and her message to Drake.

With the “nobody text me in a crisis” lyric, listeners can’t help but harken back to the time when Rihanna was truly in crisis, and her bruised face appeared on TMZ after being allegedly assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

In the Genius version of Rihanna’s “Work” lyrics, there’s a phonetical spelling that has folks trying to decipher the meaning of all that “work, work, work, work, work, work.” However, the next “Work” lyrics undeniably speak of Rihanna believing in Drake’s dreams, and Drake’s love for her — and seem to spell out the fact that Rihanna wore her heart on her sleeve for Drake, something that he might have taking lightly, like decoration — something to play with and tear down.

Rihanna Twerks Hard On Drake In Steamy Comeback Performance At Brit AwardsRihanna Twerks Hard On Drake In Steamy Comeback Performance At Brit Awards

Could Rihanna be any more flawless? After not making it to her Grammy performance, the 28-year-old singer blew everyone away at 2016 Brit Awards. But after starting off her performance with “Consideration,” she made her comeback even more epic when she brought out Drake for their duet “Work”…and she twerked all over him! Talk about the best surprise EVER!

As RiRi belted out “Consideration,” she had everyone in London’s 02 Arena on their feet. She looked as incredible as she sounded, sporting an all-white outfit featuring a long-sleeved crop top, frilled pants, and heeled boots. Those pants really accentuated her booty shakin! As if the crowd wasn’t going crazy enough for RiRi when she started her hit “Work,” all of the sudden Drake showed up — and everyone lost their minds! Watch the Brit Awards live stream here!

RiRi and Drake were flirty as ever while they rocked the stage together, looking totally intimate and adorable. And when Drake got close, Rihanna couldn’t help but twerk on him! As much as they deny that there’s anything going on between them, they certainly have some major chemistry. Drake even bowed down to RiRi as if she were his queen!