class=” wp-image-2720 alignleft” src=”’s-Appetite-for-Runs-Increased-Batting-up-the-Order.jpg” alt=”World Cup 2015 Dhoni Says Rohit’s Appetite for Runs Increased Batting up the Order” width=”412″ height=”267″ />A star was thought to have born when Rohit Sharma in the first final of the tri-series in 2008 in Sydney, outshone SachinTendulkar. However, he took longer than expected to be on the right track as he often threw his wicket to poor shots after getting settled. However, his class was never in doubt. Rohit, who had not been in good form so far delivered at the opportune moment by scoring a match winning 137 runs against Bangladesh in the quarterfinal of the 2015 World Cup on Thursday. His anguish at his being out in the match showed his hunger for runs and the attitudinal change that he had undergone of valuing wicket more than the numbers.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, while praising Rohit, said that initially he was played at number 6 where he had little opportunity to settle down and deliver. Hence, he said, he thought of using him up the order. He added that it had been the trend in India that frontline batsmen scored a lot of runs, and keeping in mind the talent that Rohit had, he decided to play him in the top order. Rohit’s achievements with bat substantiated what Dhoni claimed. In 50 matches that Rohit have played as an opener, he scored five of his seven centuries, that also against Australia. The right-hander averaged 50.43 against his career average of 39.49.  A big one from him was long overdue in the present World Cup, and it could not have come at a better moment than in the quarterfinal match against Bangladesh.

With Rohit in form, Team India, the defending champion, is ready for the ensuing two bigger occasions. Going by the overall resources, Indian team seems to be well on road to defending their title.