At the time of a timeout five minutes remaining in the match on Wednesday, Xavier Rathan-Mayes’s team Florida State had been trailing behind a Miami team by 18 points; there was an urgent need for brisk scoring from one of the players of the team. A teammate Montay Brandon approached Rathan-Mayes at that juncture, and he exhorted Mayes to perform. Being so inspired, Rathan-Mayes embarked on a shooting spree on resumption of the game after the timeout, and scored 30 points in the final 4.38 minutes of the match.

The guard with a height of 6 feet 4 inches surprised all by a stunning barrage of scoring 30 points that included a pair of layups,   six 3-pointers, and eight free shows. The only two college players of basketball could score more than 30 points in the whole game that Wednesday, speaks volumes about Rathan-Mayes achievements. That his team Florida State lost the match 81-77 does not belittle in any way Rathan-Mayes’ accomplishments of scoring 30 points in less than 5 minutes, a feat unparalleled in a basketball court. He admitted having scored 55 points in a game, but he had done it after playing for the entire duration of the game.

Xavier Rathan-Mayes Scores 30 Points in Last Less Than Five MinutesThis astounding scoring performance from Rathan has come by the end of this season which may prove a stepping stone in his career. He has spent last two years in the shadow of one of his teammates Andrew Wiggins, but during this season, he has carved a niche for himself. Rathan had to sit out last season, but he averaged 13.6 points, and has scored in double figures in 14 of the 17 games. The last Wednesday was as usual, and none could sense anything spectacular from Rathan even when he scored 3-pointers and free throws. However, successive scoring 3-pointers, and long distance catch and shoot threes attracted everyone’s attentions. Out of the 33 points scored by Florida State in the last five minutes, Rathan-Mayes scored all but three. He described the feeling after his scintillating performance as non-describable. However, he felt disappointed as his team had lost the match.