After launching a promotional strategy focused on 4K deployment on Xbox One X, Microsoft has begun to disclose information regarding the use of Supersampling, a technique that will improve the graphics quality of games on those owners of televisions with a resolution of 1080p .

Although the potential of Xbox One X is in the 4K, Microsoft is aware that, for the moment, most players do not have adequate televisions and there is still time for equipment with resolution of that type to increase its presence in the houses of the users. That is why the development of Xbox One X contemplated improving the graphic and image quality even if you do not have a 4K TV and no need for a patch for the title of our choice; this thanks to the technique Supersampling, which improves the image quality within optimal limits and maximizes the graphic display. In that sense, Aaron Greenberg, director of marketing for Xbox, answered a series of questions in his official account Twitter and there revealed that Microsoft plans to show the capacity of Supersampling of Xbox One X before its launch on November 3.

Xbox One X Supersampling to be Shown Before Release

At the same time, Greenberg said that they are doing their best to manufacture as many Xbox One Xs as they can to meet the demand, as the standard edition and obviously the Project Scorpio edition are currently out of stock.

Supersampling de Xbox One X será mostrado antes de su lanzamiento 2

Xbox One X will arrive on November 3 and if you want to be aware of all the information related to the most powerful console in the world we invite you to follow this link.

Supersampling de Xbox One X será mostrado antes de su lanzamiento 3

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