Yik Yak, the unidentified app has generated a system in a way that downwards other apps for college students involving Sneek, Fade, Unseen etc. In addition of one downward vote, Yik Yak makes people to believe that other anonymous apps dislike those posts. In a recent test, it has been identified that Yik Yak conquering its competitors. And when a post receives five downward votes, the post seems completely vanished from the site. Yik Yak app is for students and it is for posting anonymous little posts and for this a huge number of students has been increased and earned an amount of $73.5 million.

Yik Yak Down Votes its Competitor’s Posts in an Organized WayBrooks Buffington and Tyler Droll, Co-founders of Yik Yak have mentioned that they will speak from the background, not as a speech because they don’t want to oppress any of their competitors. They mentioned that down voting is a means of anti-spamming tool and such votes can be given after minute by minute to provide the opportunity to the posts to be upvoted by the users. They realized that the tool was a pretty immature type and indeed they will go for some definite improvements on it.

Droll has further mentioned, “We never developed a system in order to stop other companies from advancing in Yik Yak. In order to get a positive impression towards our app, we do apply necessary steps from spamming the users. We know that our tool isn’t perfect and we are truly working hard to match up with the requirements.” Indeed it has been designed to halt spam, and there were employees in the competitive field who were aggressively promoting their apps in this site, yet such kind of down voting any post was really unfortunate.