The programming codes of version 12.37 of YouTube reveal the existence of a new service on which the company would be working

YouTube’s programming codes have let it glimpse inside that the company, owned by Google, could offer a new service. It would be YouTube Plus, whose name appears in the APK codes of the popular video platform.

From Android Police reported the discovery, but also emphasized that the data obtained do not offer too many clues about its operation. What is known is their relationship with YouTube Network, since the lines of text found were contained within the section of this.

Also, of the little information rescued, everything seems to indicate that one of the main features that brings the commented service will be the possibility that the videos can continue running in the background even if you leave the application.

However, answering the question of whether YouTube Plus will be a new payment service or whether it will be a cheaper alternative to YouTube Network for regions outside the United States – YouTube network is only broadcast within the US territory -, they can not yet be confirmed.

While there is much to speculate, YouTube Plus is already a reality in the text codes of the streaming service. Finally, its real purpose, features and features will be clarified by the company, perhaps at the next Google event, on October 4, or in terms of October, when they celebrate the two years of YouTube Red.