YouTube finds itself in midst of stern competition despite the expectations of YouTube’s content boss Robert Kyncl to be smooth and without turbulence.

With Google’s Online videos service making leaps and bounds in popularity and growing faster than ever before with resurgence of Facebook’s native video where users can upload their videos directly rather than going through the embedding services has boosted its views from 1Bn to 3Bn in matter of months.

While prominent Youtubers getting offers from left and right with the promises of higher payouts and more exclusive video contents and twitters boom in native videos YouTube is facing huge competitions. While yahoo also setting nets to attract top ranking Youtubers under their flag.

Well the YouTube’s response has been to only introduce paid subscription tier to its viewers where users for a nominal fee would be able to enjoy YouTube’s content without any Ads. YouTube also plans to launch Music Key which provides all the music that viewers can listen without the nuisance of ads stating that “It’s a prominent part of the business where users would get to enjoy content with similar fashion as if it was offline”.

Music Key will be the first serious attempt of YouTube in a step towards a subscribed Monthly Service. Music Key still remains in the trial period except for a few long lasting customers expresses Kyncl. Saying that it would be like view content on your own hard drive without any ads or nuisances in the service.