Filtered the first promotional images of the Motorola Razr folding

The new Motorola Razr folding will be presented this November, being discovered in advance. The Motorola Razr folding is about to be officially presented and, as usual, that means that the first advances and leaks begin to make an appearance. Although we have been seeing concepts and possible schemes of this terminal for months, this Thursday we see, finally, what […]

Trump tweets a montage decorating the dog that helped eliminate Al Bagdadi

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has risen to Twitter assembly of himself giving a medal of honor to the military dog involved in the raid that killed the leader of the Islamic State (EI), Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi. The image is a modified version of a real photograph of Trump hanging the medal of honor in 2017 to a retired army doctor, James McCloughan. The toilet was honored to save the lives of […]