Will MotoGP actually be able to revert to a standard calendar in 2021? Drivers express doubts and hope for the best – there is a great desire for overseas races.

The provisional calendar for the MotoGP season 2021 provides for 20 Grands Prix in 20 different countries. As in the past, the overseas races in America and Asia are again part of the schedule after they could not be carried out this year due to the corona pandemic.

And even with a view to 2021, it is far from clear whether all the races will be feasible as planned. “It’s difficult. I don’t want to say that it won’t happen that way. But the pandemic will continue in the next few months, including in the countries we have to travel to,” says KTM rider Pol Espargaro.

“I think Dorna is making great efforts, as always, to get this show around the globe. But in the end it is not in their hands that we can travel to all of these places. Hopefully the pandemic will calm down a bit in the next months so that we can travel to America, Qatar and Argentina, where we have a lot of fans and the track is really great. ”

In the event that races have to be canceled again, Dorna has already taken precautions and announced three possible alternative routes: the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve in Portimao (Portugal), the Mandalika International Street Circuit in Lombok (Indonesia) and the Igora Drive Circuit near Sankt Petersburg (Russia).

The latter alternative in particular surprises many. “I’ve heard of the track, but I’ve never seen it,” says Espargaro and explains the usual procedure.

“Usually it is like this: every time a country wants to recommend itself with a new route, Uncini travels there and collects information so that he can talk to us about it, show us everything and discuss possible problems,” he explains. “Before we go there, let’s try to improve the route like this.”

“In that case we talked about it, but I don’t even know when. It was a long time ago. I can’t remember the racetrack. But now that it’s on the calendar, I will of course take a closer look look at.”