Fire near the Ronald Reagan Library In California, the authorities ordered a new fire to bring some 30,000 people to safety. The fire spread to over 500 hectares in the Simi Valley. The forces tried to save the Ronald Reagan Library.

In the fight against dangerous forest fires California is granted no respite: In the Simi Valley northwest of Los Angeles spread on Wednesday (local time) a fire on an area of ​​more than 500 acres, the authorities ordered for 30,000 people to evacuation and left the Secure Ronald Reagan Library. Also near the famous Getty Museum, in the Jurupa Valley and in the wine-growing area Sonoma, the fire brigade continued to fight against large fires.

The so-called “Easy” fire, which extended to more than 520 hectares in the Simi Valley, necessitated the evacuation of about 7,000 houses. According to authorities, around 30,000 people were affected by the forced evacuation. Although the buildings were initially spared by the flames, this could change because of the strong wind, it was said.

Even the Ronald Reagan library, which was overgrown with a thick shrub of bushes, had to be evacuated. On its grounds are the former US President Reagan and his wife Nancy buried. In addition, the library holds many testimonies from Reagan’s term. The most important exhibits were taken as a precaution in a fireproof basement. “It was a crazy morning, that came unexpectedly,” said the director-general of the library, Duke Blackwood, the news agency AFP.

Fueled by strong winds, the fire has eaten quickly through the bush, said Chad Cook of the Ventura District Fire Department. “We have not done that yet,” said local fire chief Mark Lorenzen.

The fire department fought with firefighting helicopters and planes against the flames. Because the fire area was expected to halt the dangerous Santa Ana winds by Thursday night, the authorities imposed enhanced security measures.

In much of the south of California was red alert, 18 million Californians were affected. Schools were closed as a precaution.

The fire department also continued its fight against the “Getty Fire”, which broke out on Monday above Los Angeles near the Getty Museum and already destroyed about 750 acres. It was under control of a quarter on Wednesday.

In the Jurupa Valley, about an hour’s drive east of Los Angeles, a fire broke out near a highway and spread to over a hundred acres of land. The “Tick Fire”, which burned down almost 1900 hectares, was 94 percent under control on Wednesday morning (local time).

The firefighters made progress in fighting the “Kincade” fire further north in the Sonoma district. Because of the fire in an area of ​​more than 31,000 hectares, nearly 200,000 people had to leave their homes in the area near San Francisco. Some of them were allowed to return in the meantime.

US astronaut Andrew Morgan sent a message of solidarity to people in the Californian fire zones from the International Space Station (ISS). He thinks of the people “who have lost their homes and the courageous first responders on the front lines,” he said.

In California, dozens of fires have raged for days. No victims have been reported so far. Governor Gavin Newsom imposed a state of emergency over the entire West Coast state on Sunday.