49ers are on the agenda with their player, Colin Kaepernick. As you may remember the media gone insane when Colin Kaepernick wanted to be traded with another team. And then 49ers’ rep made a statement that they are going to trade him but it will be not due to his desire, it will be because the team do not need him anymore. Today people are discussing whether gave up from team or the team gave up Colin Kaepernick. Whatever it is, we are all sure that 49ers will send Colin as soon as possible. What do you think about this riddle?

Kaepernick wants to be traded. The head coach may or may not want to keep him, and they’re already talking to QBs at the combine this week. What gives?

Do you see QB Colin Kaepernick as a starter or would he have to compete for the job with QB Blaine Gabbert?
“Well, I think the good thing is we’ve got two guys that have gone into games and proven they can play. And Colin’s done some awful good things through his career, won some big games for the San Francisco 49ers and expect him to come back. The main focus right now is health, getting him healthy. He’s doing a good job with his rehab. Talking to the medical staff, that seems to be going very well and just look forward to getting him back and getting him working with this coaching staff.”

Colin Kaepernick
So, you expect him to be on the roster this season?
“Absolutely. Yeah.”

Baalke has nothing good to say about Kaepernick.

He said they have 2 QBs. Translation- Kap will be fighting for a starting job.
He says Kap has done good things in the past. Translation- but not recently.
He says Kap is still recovering.. Translation- he’s not healthy.

This is no surprise, this dribble has been happening since Kaepernick bought the pine because of his inability to run the offense. Obviously no one including Chip has contacted the kid and said “your our guy”. QB’s ego’s have to be stroked and that has not happened. All the speculation in the world is meaningless. SF 49ers do not have a NFL quality QB on their roster and that is the only thing that is 100% certain.