If you want to learn a language and start speaking right away, leave behind obsolete language courses and modernize your way of learning from YA. It costs little and is worth a lot.

Nowadays, rare is the thing that you can not do from your mobile phone.

From listening to the radio of another country, make the weekly purchase or tune your musical instrument until you review the vocabulary of that language that you have set out to learn with just one click.

In this article I want to highlight the main advantages of learning with an app, at your own pace, from the phone and on your own.

1. Be able to pass to your level automatically

You sign up for a language course. You arrive the first day, there are people from all sides with different levels of the language in question. The teacher asks some questions or sometimes passes a small test to assess the level of each … Does it sound familiar? The reality is that, regardless of the level you put on, you will always have to wait for the students to go a little slower or you will be with your tongue out trying to reach those who know a little more than you. It’s so hard to keep up with the rhythms … Better on your own!

Choose whether you are a beginner, advanced or if you want to go directly to the course of sayings, animals, adjectives, etc. Never better, it’s in your hand!

2. Being offline is the new luxury, take advantage!

The greatest utility of learning from your mobile is to choose the time and place, but the great advantage of an app like Babbel is the ability to download the courses and complete them without internet connection. In one way or another, your progress is always recorded in the cloud, so you do not have to worry about updating anything on the mobile or the computer. It does not seem to matter much, but it is much more useful than we think!

For example, in the endless queue of the supermarket with little coverage, that metro line where you do not have time to concentrate on a book but to do a couple of lessons of 10 minutes, that flight in which gives you time to fall asleep, to read a while and take advantage of the tranquility of being offline to get you to learn a little vocabulary. Take advantage of those dead moments!

3. The review tool helps to establish new knowledge

Review is almost more important than learning itself!

The possibility to review when you learn “without a teacher” is the best. Our memory is programmed to forget the things that we do not use every day, therefore, the review tool is a LUXURY.

In the review you can review all the words that you failed in the lessons, so forgetting them will be much more difficult. In an app that has more than 8500 hours of learning, this function is VERY useful.

4. Only when you feel the motivation

Picasso said “inspiration exists, but he has to find you working.”

Well, the same thing happens more or less with any form of learning. He has to get you motivated. We know full well that there is no point in doing something when we are tired after a long day at work. That is why YOU DECIDE when it is the right time to spend 10 – 20 minutes in that new language.

5. Start talking from the beginning

Did you know that 73% of Babbel users feel able to have a little conversation in the new language after using the app for only 5 hours?

That means that if you start to learn intensively, you can introduce yourself and ask for a beer or ask where the bathroom is in that new language after a very short time. Start with the preparations for that trip you have in a couple of months, or with the exam that awaits you at the end of the course!

Remember that speaking and using the language is the key not to forget it.

6. Alternative and cheap option to language courses

Quoting my Mexican friend Hector, “Going to a course is so stupid obsolete!” and well … you’re right! Traditional language courses are far behind, are not renewed or adapted to the needs of today’s society: they remain anchored in the past, with their rigid schedules, their old-fashioned classes and their work material that includes books that were written 20 years ago. Not to mention the price of a private language course, which can only be accessed by a few. Learning through a didactic app like Babbel costs little, and it’s worth a lot!

In addition, Babbel was named the most innovative company in the education sector by Fast Company magazine in 2016. We are constantly working to improve our courses and motivate users to achieve their goal. What’s yours?