9 Months Later, Businesses in Gaylord are Still Recovering from Tornado Damage


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A tornado hit Gaylord 9 months ago damaging many homes and businesses. “Storms were coming in sirens were going off we all took cover” recalls one Gaylord resident.

Bill Teichman was out of town when the tornado hit 9 months ago but rushed back home to assess the damage. He tells us he saw “some quick pictures and decided to come into town to look for the damage.” He rents out an apartment in Gaylord and says the property “had 2 by 4s through the side of this building, broken windows and then debris all over the place.”

He worked hard to clean up the property quickly but a business next door remains destroyed causing tenants to complain about the view. “It took them probably a week to get this area cleaned up. But they still haven’t done anything with this building” says Teichman. With many businesses in Gaylord rebuilding and reopening, he hopes the property owners fix up their building too. He says “the city needs to do something. The property owners need to do something to get it cleaned up. Everybody in Gaylord is working to try to get the town back together again and we’ve got this sitting here.”

So much work has been done within these 9 months and many in the community continue to restore these homes and business. He tells us “most businesses are almost reopened. Some of the ones that are still damaged need to come down.” He knows Gaylord is a strong community and that everyone coming together to restore the community these last few months made a big difference.