9 Street Fighter 6 nitpicks that could use some developer attention before launch

9 Street Fighter 6 nitpicks that could use some developer attention before launch

Unlike virtually any other game I’ve encountered during my 12+ years in the competitive fighting game community, Street Fighter 6 is getting an astounding amount of praise and positive review from those who’ve had the chance to play it.

Indeed, Street Fighter 6 is already in the greatest franchise entry of all time conversation (yes, it’s early, we have the rest of the game to explore first) but that doesn’t mean it’s been spotlessly perfect. In a recent video MC Mura points out 9 nitpicks from the beta experience that fans may want to see changed before the game actually launches in the middle of next year.

Roughly half of these have directly to do with gameplay, but the others are all quality of life and fluidity of experience fixes. Many beta players were a decent bit frustrated upon entering and getting into their first match, simply because set up wasn’t all that intuitive.

Capcom obviously wants to hype up all of its bells and whistles options while making the game as accessible to newcomers as possible, but the choice to default everyone into Modern (simplified) controls threw many longer term fans for a loop.

Even finding out how to select your character was a little difficult in the beta as there were multiple menus that were accessed in various ways, and navigating to the particular place you’d need to be to effect the change you wanted could be frustrating.

It really doesn’t much matter what the settings are to begin with… if you’re naturally guided to them and given the opportunity to choose your own preferences before heading into battle.

Menus are just one of the nine items on Mura’s list, and we’ll let him give you the rest of them in the video below. After you watch be sure to let us know if you experienced any of these issues and if there are any others you think need to be addressed.