Two journalists of Al-Jazeera have been released on last Friday from a jail of Egypt. They have spent over a year in jail in a case accused of terror related activities. Baher Mohammed and Mohammad Fahmy was the two journalists of al-Jazeera.

Jehan Rashed, wife of Mohammed, mentioned in front of the media that her husband has arrived home at about 7 am. Again Fahmy’s brother twitted that he has submitted $33,000 as bail money in order to get him freed from jail. Another partner of this case, Peter Grest from Australia, was released just two weeks ago and he was sent back to Australia, his home town. This Australian man has spent over 400 days in prison once got accused of terrorism and providing service to the Muslim Brotherhood.

AL-Jazeera Journalists ReleasedWhile on Thursday, the court has given some indication that they will move for the retrial of Mohammed and Fahmy. Still after listening to the hearing, their relatives can’t hold tears on eyes. Al-Jazeera unconditionally welcomed the court decision and at the same time, mentioned that the court should terminate this unwanted case and release both the journalists without any trial.
In December 2013, three of the journalists of Al-Jazeera were arrested and accused of claiming that they belong to Brotherhood, a named terrorist organization after the military expelled President Mohammad Morsi. Since the expel, Morsi’s supporters were breaking down into anger and the two journalists were blamed to be giving oil to the fire. They were imprisoned in charge of supporting Brotherhood and displaying false video footage to enhance civil war in Egypt. They completely rejected the charges mentioning that they were simply airing the news.