Stress and anxiety are the main factors that affect sleep. Whether we have problems at home or at work, these may not be very large, until our minds take them to unimaginable dimensions.

While some do have severe problems falling asleep, to the extent of requiring a prescription, it is best to turn to natural remedies to avoid falling into unnecessary addictions, but what are the best recipes for curing light sleep?

Anxiety when sleeping natural remedies are the answer to forget it

Milk: This contains a natural sleep hormone called melatonin, which if taken warm, not only invites the body to relax, but to better sleep.

Valerian: this has sedative properties, helping to sleep more deeply.

Lime Blossom: Usually comes in presentations of herbs alone or tea, this has a property and anxiolytic anxiety, with which helps release the stress we have when we go to bed.

Meditation: Nervousness causes the body to be more active than usual, so seek a few Zen minutes before going to bed, it is ideal for having the 8 hours of stable sleep that the body needs to recover.

Lavender: This medicinal plant possesses relaxing, soothing and anti-convulsive properties, reaching us in tea or oil presentations, maximizing its properties and helping to have a feeling of almost instant relaxation.