How will free trade develop under the future US President Trump? This question was the focus of the APEC Summit in Peruvian Lima. The still reigning US President Obama promised to give Trump at least a chance.

A ghost goes around, also at the APEC conference in Lima. It raises questions of principle, arouses fears and ensures a lot of air. His name is Donald Trump.

“We can not wait for the worst. We hope that the administration will do its job and work, then you can make your judgment.” One can not conclude from the election campaign how someone rules.

APEC summit in Lima Thick air and many question marks

Nevertheless, the name Trump at the APEC summit embodies the horror of protectionism: the rejection of free trade agreements was one of the central electoral campaigns of the future US president. “There is a tremendous desperation about how Trump is free to trade,” said New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. “However, economic integration in the rest of the world must not be stalled, even if the United States does not wish to participate in free trade, President Trump needs to know that other countries want it and they will.”

China is pushing forward

And not only are New Zealand and the other ten Pacific States, with whom the US were trading the world’s largest free-trade zone TPP – of Obama, especially as a bulwark against China. Now the Asian giant is pushing for a project involving all 21 APEC countries – under the leadership of the People’s Republic.

China will not close its doors, on the contrary: “We share the view that all APEC participants should work together in the spirit of partnership to create an open global economy that delivers stable, sustainable and balanced growth for all,” says China’s State Secretary So Xi Jinping at the summit in Lima, where he also met with US President Obama. Both sides emphasized that cooperation was important – both economic and security-related issues – and hoped for a smooth transition in the relationship between the two countries.

Obama is campaigning for dialogue

The future US president Trumpf had branded China as a currency manipulator in the election campaign – and aroused fears of a kind of trade war. Obama once again campaigned in Peru for dialogue and democracy, at an event he spoke with about 1,000 students and young leaders. After his visits to Greece and Germany, Lima is the last stop of the US President’s closing tour.

“I am a very proud American and my job as US President is to protect the interests of my country,” Obama said. “But I always say,” The best way is to look not only for ourselves, but also for our neighbors, for when their house burns off, ours will burn with us. ”

However, the highly anticipated meeting between President Vladimir Putin and Obama did not take place in Lima – at least not officially. The relations between Washington and Moscow are on the ice because of the Syrian war. Putin, who did not hold any official speech at the APEC summit against previous announcements, is building better relations with Trump and met in Lima with the authoritarian Philippine President Caudillo Rodrigo Duterte.

On the chessboard of the world much is in motion, which is also shown at the Apec summit in Peru.

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