Apex Legends remains one of the most important battle royale and it is because EA and Respawn are giving a lot of support through special events and new content. After the temporary Halloween event, it has been revealed that a new game mode will arrive .

It is the usual battle royales we can find three main game modes . Solo, in duos or in squads. Apex Legends has been characterized by having trios in their games and already added the mode alone, but we had never had indications of a two player mode.

However, this will change very soon, since the battle royale of Respawn Entertaiment will have a duet mode . The announcement was published via Twitter in the official account of the game and was accompanied by the usual in-game videos presented by the company.

The duo mode will be available from November 5 , but no more details about this temporary event have been specified. Normally, these kinds of events are usually operational for two or three weeks and bring new challenges and exclusive cosmetics.

Apex Legends is being one of the protagonists of the day, since it has been known that the game has reached an impressive 70 million players . In addition, EA has confirmed that the battle royale will be on PS5 and on Xbox Scarlett . Remember that the physical editions of the game are already available.