After the iPhone 11 Apple comes with new headphones around the corner. The Airpods Pro should completely hide ambient noise.

Just came the new iPhone 11 on the market, as the most faithful Apple followers have to adjust to the next edition. Because the group misses the wireless headphones from the house an update – as the eleventh iPhone, there is the ” Pro ” addition. And they let the Californians pay well.


Above all, the new Airpods Pro should lure customers into the (online) business with a better sound. The ” Noise Canceling ” has apparently improved significantly. Thus, the user hears weniegr noise of the outside world and thus much better his own music. The mode consumes a little more battery than the alternative.

Apple Airpods Pro: Mode for more safety in traffic

For safety reasons, the new AirPods Pro also offer a “transparent” mode. Then you hear the music on the one hand, but also ambient sounds on the other hand. Now there is a hole in the outward-facing side of the headphones, through which the sound can penetrate. This should be less dangerous to use in traffic.

In addition, the head of the headphones is no longer hard, but soft – and adapts accordingly better to the ear. Many “in-ear” headphones, those you really push deeper into the ear, have these rubber pads. Usually they are delivered in different sizes. Apple also provides three sizes.

Other functions, such as the use of the voice assistant Siri, are retained. Depending on the mode, the battery lasts up to five hours, and you can talk on the phone for three and a half hours.

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