The gadget is having difficulty making phone calls, so several publications have recommended not to buy it.

Apple acknowledged Wednesday that its new smart watch, introduced last week, has problems with its most important function: its ability to make phone calls and access data without having an iPhone close.

Apple Recognizes That The New Watch Series 3 Has Connectivity Problems

The start price of Watch Series 3 is $ 399 and was released alongside the new iPhone models. Unlike previous versions of the wearable, it has a network of cellular connectivity included.

According to the firm, the clock may have LTE connectivity problems when it links to open WiFi networks that require a login screen, such as hotels and cafes.

Many of the clock’s reviews, like the New York Times, praised his new tools and gave him positive ratings. But prominent publications such as The Wall Street Journal and The Verge recommended not buying the new model because cellular data connectivity did not work as expected.

Shares of the company closed on Wednesday with a 1.68% drop to $ 156.07 per share on Wall Street.