Almost 300 migrants died in the river bank of Italy. They attempted to cross the Mediterranean in open boats and hence missing from Wednesday. UN refugee agency and other coast guards condemned about EU rescue operation inappropriate. The Italian coast guard has suspected that the concerned people had died because of hypothermia that started recently in Libya.
The UN High Commission of Refugees claimed that on the incident day, four boats had left together without any food and water. But the boats get drawn immediately. Approx. 107 people have been rescued by merchant ship and Italian coast guard. Carlotta Sami, a spoke person from the Italian coast guard has claimed that the people get grasped by the long waves. Even a young child of age 12 was died in that incident.

300 People Drawn in Italian SeaThe nationalities of the drawn people are yet not figured out. But approximately they are mostly from Iraq, Mali, Syria and from other places. Amnesty International, Save the Children and other human aid groups blamed the UN rescue team as inadequate for such a huge deadly incident.

In response, the UN agency head, Laurens Jolles, mentioned that Triton operation doesn’t have the principals of emergency rescue, thus can’t support at immediate retort. Save the Children asked UN agency to start with Mare Nostrum project again or any other rescue system in order to face such water disorders. Natasha Bertaud, the spokeswoman from European Commission claimed that pointing out figures will not going to solve any problem. If we think it for seriously then we must need to talk of how to finance the area properly.