Are you a CEO dealing with work depression and anxiety? What is it and how to deal with it

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Being a leader is not an easy job. You are responsible for not just yourself but for the company and its employees. Entrepreneurship has been a long-standing career option for many people, offering the possibility of unlimited financial rewards and the freedom to be your own boss. While the advantages are numerous, there is often an unseen price that comes with being a business owner – entrepreneurial depression. This is a mental health issue caused by intense stress and anxiety related to business decisions, lack of control, financial pressures, and other factors. It can lead to both psychological and physical symptoms that can have serious consequences if not addressed in time.

To understand everything about entrepreneurial depression, we got in touch with Dr. Chandni Tugnait, Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Business Coach, NLP Expert, Healer, Founder & Director at the Gateway of Healing. Know everything here:

How ‘Entrepreneurial Depression’ Affects People:

Prolonged stress and anxiety associated with entrepreneurship can lead to significant changes in mood, behavior, and thinking that can cause depression if left unchecked. People who suffer from entrepreneurial depression may experience feelings of isolation, hopelessness, guilt, and low self-esteem. They may also struggle with concentration problems, difficulty in sleeping, or insomnia as well as increased physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach aches.

What Causes Entrepreneurial Depression:

There are several possible causes of entrepreneurial depression including financial pressures, lack of control over decisions or events affecting the business, high expectations placed on oneself, or others related to the business, job burnout due to long work hours, feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, or fear of failure or success. Other environmental factors (such as working in a toxic environment) can also contribute to entrepreneurial depression.

How Can Entrepreneurial Depression Be Treated:

Treatment for entrepreneurial depression starts with recognizing its existence for it to be addressed properly. This includes understanding what triggers it and being aware of when it happens so it can be treated quickly before it worsens further. It’s important to find ways to reduce stress levels through lifestyle changes such as getting enough restful sleep every night; taking breaks during the day; practicing relaxation techniques like yoga, mindfulness and deep breathing; engaging in enjoyable activities outside of work; sharing worries with friends/family/colleagues; seeking professional help from a mental health professional if necessary; setting realistic goals; maintaining healthy relationships, and addressing any underlying issues such as addiction or other mental health disorders that may contribute to depressive episodes.

While entrepreneurship presents many opportunities for success, it also carries its own unique set of risks which should not be ignored. In order to ensure maintain their mental well-being whilst pursuing their chosen path, entrepreneurs must take measures to recognize any signs of this condition early on so they can seek treatment without delay – whether through lifestyle changes or professional help – before symptoms worsen further leading them down a path they would rather avoid!