Free agency in March brings a wealth of activities with it, but the NFL trading period in October lets people guess. Rumors usually seem to suggest that a deadline has passed, but the actual moves are usually similar to a lamb.

However, the league’s approach continues to change as younger and more aggressive executives no longer fear business deals. Tuesday, 4 pm ET deadline could be particularly active.

“It gets interesting and it sounds like 24-hour consequence in the NFL,” said former NFL manager Joe Banner has tweeted Monday.

The league version of Let’s Make a Deal is about more than just improving a roster. The psychological impact of a big trade on a team can not be overlooked.

Two weeks ago, the Los Angeles Rams landed with Cornerback Jalen Ramsey the biggest name on the market. His new teammates were dizzy.

“The players loved it,” said quarterback Jared Goff, according to Peter King of NBC Sports. “I go out and see him the other day in training – wow, that’s something that players really like.”

Bleacher Report’s team of NFL writers, which may have several high-profile players in the trading bloc, has looked at the steps that have the greatest potential for shaping the league. We predicted which organizations would be active or not.

1 out of 5

The Washington Redskins are clearly persistent. And though deadlines often work, they know that Trent Williams is likely to return in Week 10 to reach a season of accumulation.

At this point, I wonder if the organization would prefer to wait this year to see if this could change its mind and possibly replace the current medical staff as part of an out-of-season overhaul. That might be enough to convince Williams to stay with him, and Washington can always trade him off in the off-season.

It would not be worth much less in 2020, and the Redskins could not be in a big hurry given their 1-7 record.

Someone could beat them with an offer that they can not refuse, but the market is pretty limited. I think he stays seated.

2 out of 5

The Cleveland Browns’ desperate search for offensive line fortifications is the league’s worst-kept secret as the trade term approaches.

The coaching staff – or was it General Manager John Dorsey? Justin McCray, a career backup guard / right-tackle, took blindside assignments against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

McCray did well, but he is not a long-term answer to a premium position.

The Browns were the most persistent candidates for Trent Williams. NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo During the past month, Dorsey phoned Washington every week to check on William’s availability.

“But [Redskins president] Bruce Allen just refuses to trade him,” said a league source opposite Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports. “It’s all Bruce, he will not do it.”

It is likely that Cleveland will need alternative options to upgrade its trenches.

Two obvious candidates have come to the fore: The New York Giants left the tackle against Nate Solder and the Philadelphia Eagles the duel against Halapoulivaati Vaitai. The Browns pursued Solder 2018 as a free agency, before he signed with the Giants, by Ben Volin of the Boston Globe . More importantly, Cleveland can take over the remainder of its four-year contract for $ 62 million. Meanwhile, Vaitai is a versatile blocker who can start at several positions.

3 out of 5

The Philadelphia Eagles came into the season with Super Bowl ambitions. Until today, 2019 did not go according to plan. Even so, they are 4: 4 after slashing the Buffalo Bills in Week 8 and having just lost one game in the NFC East.

Philly, though, has a few blatant holes. The Reception Corps has had problems since DeSean Jackson fell in Week 2. The pass defense also had problems: Rank 20, while about 256 yards per game are allowed.

Fortunately, there are players who are supposedly available and could help in both areas.

The Denver Broncos have already passed Emmanuel Sanders on to the San Francisco 49ers and, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, may be willing to relocate the cornerback of Chris Harris Jr. to buy a number of players, including Robby Anderson’s vertical threat, per Manish Mehta the New York Daily News .

Both players would meet the needs of the Eagles, and with just under $ 25 million in leeway, the team has plenty of room to earn another salary. Maybe two.

Hey, why add one if you can add both?

4 out of 5

The future of Cam Newton was hotly debated. Are the Panthers going away from him? Do you trade with him? Are you staying with Kyle Allen?

What the Panthers’ loss to San Francisco showed was that Newton will not go anywhere and he may never go anywhere.

Allen has shown that he is solid. A healthy Newton is spectacular.

Newton’s injury story is scary. He missed a part of last season with a shoulder injury and most of this year with a foot injury. I think the Panthers will switch to Newton if they feel completely well what this week could be.

But it’s more than that. Allen’s performance showed the team that Newton probably has the best chance not only this year, but also for the near future.

Newton is not going anywhere.

5 out of 5

The career of Vic Beasley Jr. has been steady and steep since its 2016 season with 15.5 sacks. Of course, the entire organization of the hawks was in constant and steep decline, especially the defense.

Bad Defense Defensive Edge Rushers can develop many bad habits: pushing, moving through, a little bit of both, depending on the situation, and so on.

Send Beasley to a competitor with a sophisticated scheme and other weapons to turn him into a situation as an inappropriate man, and he could have a much bigger impact than Dante Fowler Jr. on the Rams since switching from the Jaguars.

After all, he has proven that he can play at all-pro level. A change of scene and a new beginning could be exactly what he needs.

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