Following the incident where Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson, punched a producer of the show, the BBC has been carrying out an internal investigation of the matter. Their report will be handed over to the director general, Tony Hall, next week.

Currently, Ken MacQuarrie, the Director of BBC Scotland, is considering all of the evidence that has come from the investigation. After this, they will decide on any further steps that need to be taken, other than the suspension of Clarkson which is already underway. Until then, the BBC have refused to comment more on the situation.

Although the producer that was punched by Clarkson on the 10th of March, Oisin Tymon, did not file a formal complaint reporting the incident, it is understood that Clarkson himself made a report. Mr. .Tymon’s lawyer has stated that Tymon intends to wait for the BBC’s investigation to be complete, and will make no further comments until this time. Clarkson has already expressed his regret at the incident.

The success of BBC’s Top Gear, which has an estimated 350 million viewers all over the world, is largely due to the popularity of Jeremy Clarkson, who has been appearing on the show since 1988. Next month, Clarkson, along with his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May, are set to be re-negotiating their contracts with the BBC. Although it may be seen as foolish if they were to choose to not keep Clarkson on, he has repeatedly caused issues with the BBC as well as the public, involved in many controversial incidents.



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