Bill Gates once again stated that he never backed the FBI or intended to do such a thing in the court battle that he deals with Apple. In Tuesday the founder of Microsoft talked about his previous statements that how the Apple Company could unlocked San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone. He did the interview with Financial Times magazine and stated that FBI was asking just one thing from the Apple Company which was unlocking the criminal’s iPhone. These were the main lines of the things that founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates said which are opposite of the things that the CEO of Apple Company, Tim Cook’s assertion.

Sophos News :

No, Bill Gates says: he isn’t siding with the FBI over encryption in its court battle with Apple.

At least, it’s not quite as simple as that.

The co-founder of Microsoft on Tuesday clarified his earlier statements about how Apple should unlock the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Gates had said that the Feds were after one specific thing: they want Apple to unlock a terrorist’s phone.

That’s it, Gates said, thereby disagreeing with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s assertions that the government is after a backdoor in Apple’s encryption and that the case will set a wider precedent.

His take has been interpreted as breaking ranks with the technology industry.

Google, WhatsApp and Microsoft have backed Apple’s defiance on the court’s encryption order, though Microsoft’s support was seen as being tepid.

Whereas the leaders at Google and WhatsApp have come out in full-throated support of Apple, Microsoft’s head, Satya Nadella, has remained quiet.