On Friday, the Boko Haram Group attacked a village in the area named Chad. This has been considering as first armed attack by the Nigerian revolutionary group. In that sudden attack, several people were killed along with a local chief and some members of security troops. About dozen militant from the group has been arrived at the village early in the morning, attacking houses and police stations.

One of the village resident mentioned, “They came on sudden and killed about 10 people before our own army pushed them back.” The attacking area is about 20 km away from Nigerian border , to which many of the Nigerians have absconded away after an attack placed in the area named Baga.

Boko Haram Attack in ChadSunni Jihadist Group, based on northern part of Nigeria and apart from 100 kilometers from the capital of Chad, have started cross border attacks in order to establish an Islamic point in the Chad area. Security forces are already alerted several times about the sudden attack by the activists. Spokesman of United Nations Refugee Agency, Adrian Edwards mentioned that residents of Chad got really scared and many of them are fleeing from their place. Boko Haram Suiciders, along with a female suicide bomber, attacked two villages in Nigeria’s state named Borno on Thursday and killed about 31 people according to appropriate references.

Nigeria has shifted their presidential election for about six weeks considering the security concern from the activist group Boko Haram. Chad is also an active base for the French regional operation named ‘Barkhane’ that aids Chad army by providing logistical support and intelligence.