The ministry of Health claimed that a minimum of 19 people died during the clash of soccer fans with police outside a stadium situated in Cairo on Sunday. Whereas Al-Ahram, a newspaper controlled by Egypt’s government claimed that at least 30 people died in that incident. The shocking incident took place prior of the match between ENPPI and Zamalek.

The inner administration blamed the uncontrolled audience who didn’t have any entry tickets but tried to push through the entrance gate. In a statement, the Ministry stated, “They climbed up the fence. The security force have attempted to stop them, but they came up in the main road and blocked the traffic, halted the bus carrying the Zamalek Soccer team and put fire on a police vehicle.” But again in one of the core Zamalek group’s facebook page, it has been revealed that the members faced tear gas while they attempted to move through a small entrance gate prior the match began.

Cairo Stadium – 19 Killed in a Deadly Clash

General prosecutor of Egypt is going to send a team for further investigation. Al-Ahram reported that, after the violence, the country court has decided to suspend all the Premier League Soccer matches. The dead bodies were taken into a morgue in the center of Cairo from where the relatives and close ones have received the dead bodies of the victims.
Several fans from the opponent club were present in front of the morgue in order to show condolence to the killed ones. Sunday’s recent incident has been considered the most shocking violence ever in Egypt after 2012 stampede incident where 70 people left dead and many more injured in a match in the Port Said city.