Aixtron’s fate depends on Obama

The outgoing US President Obama speaks with the planned takeover of the German machine tool Aixtron. The concern about a military use by China creates security concerns among the Americans. Shortly before the end of his term ends a topic also critical for Germany on the table of the US […]

Donald Trump plays with Ford and Mexico

Does Ford leave for Mexico or not? As the future American president triggers a tweet about the manufacturer’s production in Kentucky. For weeks now, managers of the American car manufacturer Ford have been concerned about possible new customs duties due to production and job shifts to Mexico, according to Donald […]

Trump Camp Wants to Realign the Trade

Donald Trump is not a big fan of free trade. The election campaign has shown enough. Now, obviously, plans for his trade policy have leaked. The trade policy of the future president Donald Trump gets contours: A leaked discussion paper of the transition team provides a step-by-step plan for the […]

Make Your Startup Presentation Unforgettable

Do something unforgettable when you walk into the room. Take the most startling fact from your presentation –the one thing you really want the audience to remember–and find a way to slam it home that they’ll not soon forget. Wear a costume. Use an airborne when someone gives the wrong […]