One of three Charlie Chaplin’s Oscar statuettes has been stolen in Paris last month. An unknown suspect committed a theft from the office of The Association Chaplin in Paris. The thief stole not the precious Oscar trophy only but also some of mr. Chaplin’s belongings such as several pens. The figurine which is covered in 24 carat gold is estimated at around €1 million and each pen is worth around € 80,000.

The police doesn’t go into details about the robbery but a source said that the thief was very well informed. Otherwise, it would be impossible to rob the office, which was safely protected as Charlie Chaplin’s memorabilia are not very expensive only but also have a great cultural value.

Charlie Chaplin’s Oscar Statuette

Charlie Chaplin was a British actor who become famous for his outspoken and openhearted features that made him into great success on the stage. He is also known for his sarcastic Hitler role in the film “The Great Dictator”. The stolen statuette was handed to him at the very first Oscar ceremony in 1929 for his “Circus” movie where he was an actor, director, writer and producer at the same time.

Kate Guyonvarch, the director of the Association Chaplin, could not give details about the robbery but said, “We and the Chaplin family are extremely shaken by this loss, and trust that the police will get to the bottom of the break-in very soon.” A police division that is specialized in the theft of artworks is also engaged into the investigation.