The Ministry of Industry and Technology will force companies to manufacture 30,000 vehicles a year to have a minimum production of electricity by 2019.

China’s plans to say goodbye to diesel and gasoline vehicles are taking shape increasingly. After the Government stated that it is preparing the end of the combustion vehicles in the country, the Ministry of Industry and Technology has announced a new regulation that forces the car manufacturers to have a share of sale of 10% of the vehicles autonomous or hybrid from 2019. The percentage will rise to 12% one year after 2020.

The measure will be established for companies that manufacture or import more than 30,000 combustion vehicles annually in its largest market globally. If manufacturers fail to meet the minimum production quota for electric or hybrid cars, China may impose the corresponding fines.

The legislation is the first step the country has taken to curb the production of diesel and gasoline in one of the countries with the highest pollution in the world and gives time to automakers to prepare for an absolute ban on combustion vehicles.

The Honda maker said it will work to reach the credit imposed by China, a company spokesman for Bloomberg said after the company announced that it will put its own electric vehicle on sale in the Asian giant over the next year. For its part, General Motors Co. said that these efforts between the government and companies are “essential” to generate acceptance of electric and hybrid cars by consumers. BMW and Volkswagen have also announced their support for this new initiative.

China wants large automakers to boost green vehicle production in the country, aiming to curb carbon emissions by 2030 to improve high levels of pollution.

However, the country will face several challenges in order to achieve its goal, such as feeding the approximately 200 million vehicles circulating in the streets and the strategy to deal with the possible loss of income from oil imports.

In addition to China, France and the United Kingdom have been the countries that have presented their plans to reduce the emissions by the cars of combustion in the cities.

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