Superstar Christina Aguilera has recently shared the first photos of her baby daughter, born last August. Always known for being creative, Aguilera used this when choosing her daughter’s name. When thinking of names for her little girl, Aguilera wanted something unique and different, whilst sounding natural and flowing well at the same time. She chose Summer Rain Rutler, declaring it a name that is filled with inspiration and joy.

Although sometimes finding it difficult to juggle work and being a mother, Aguilera strives to spend as much time with her baby as possible. Her schedule is always packed with different bookings and obligations, making it extremely hard to be flexible and juggle parts around. Currently producing a show for ABC Family, working on the production of a brand new album, as well as preparing to return for Season 8 of The Voice, Aguilera took some time off work last year to focus on her children.

Christina Aguilera Is Completely Smitten With Daughter, Summer RainAguilera and her fiance, film producer Matt Rutler, who stayed by her side throughout the labour and delivery, are completely smitten by their little girl, now six months old. Summer Rain is Aguilera’s second child, her first being seven year old Max Liron Bratman, whom she had with her first husband, Jordan Bratman.

Keeping your children’s’ lives private when you’re a famous celebrity can often be difficult, but Aguilera works hard to ensure that her children have their privacy. Her kids are her first priority, and, like any mother, she always tries to do whatever is best for them.