Christina Aguilera, Winnie Harlow on Rihanna Songs They’d Prefer at SB

Christina Aguilera, Winnie Harlow on Rihanna Songs They'd Prefer at SB


Christina Aguilera, Winnie Harlow

We Wanna Hear These RiRi Songs

… At Super Bowl LVII!!!

Rihanna has A LOT of songs to consider as she finalizes her 13-minute Super Bowl set — but if she’s curious what her peers think she should sing … she might wanna watch this.

We got Christina Aguilera and Winnie Harlow heading into Drake‘s SB party Friday in Scottsdale — and, of course, we asked them about RiRi’s many options in terms of tracks she could perform Sunday … and what exactly they’d like to hear during the Halftime Show.

Check it out … each of them gives us a response, and they’re quite different. CA says she wants to see Rihanna’s take on an ODB classic — while going on to tell us she thinks Ri’s gonna kill it.

Winnie had her own pick for a Rihanna song she’d like to see performed — a fan fave, no doubt — but she also had a lot to say about the fact that Rihanna is one of the first Afro-Caribbean women to take the big stage. Winnie is of Jamaican descent, BTW.

We’ll see what Rihanna ends up deciding on … we know she’s got several variations in the can.