For years, the US giant Enterprise was no danger to the Munich car rental company Sixt. Now, the world’s largest car rental company is planning an attack in Germany with brands like Alamo – and thus the local market leader.

He is the world’s largest car rental company – but almost twenty years after his launch in Germany, Enterprise is almost unknown. Now the US company is about to crack the German car rental market finally – and thus directly attacking the market leader Sixt from Munich.

Enterprise Challenges Hertz With Acquisition Of National And Alamo

The Alamo, Enterprise and National brands have strengthened their marketing in Europe, want to rent more cars at airports, attract longer customers with longer business hours and introduce lucrative tariffs. This shows the strategy that Enterprise presents in its balance published in the Federal Gazette.

While car rental companies such as Sixt are currently on the road to spurt abroad to boost their business, Enterprise is trying to do the same in Germany. “We have clear targets and expect double-digit growth in sales in the coming year”, quotes the newspaper “Die Welt”. A new German chef, another legal form, the connection to an intermediate holding in the Netherlands, flanked the project.

Even if entrepreneur Erich Sixt lastly mocked about the weakness of the US group in Germany – Enterprise is ten times larger than the German Platzhirsch, has almost 2 million vehicles in its fleet and is used in the USA by many customers mainly because of its good service, The tight wire to insurance in accidents, replacement cars and strong protection of the company.

In Germany, however, the US Group has not yet launched its business. In the last fiscal year 2014/2015, Enterprise achieved a turnover of 6.3 percent in Germany to almost 400 million Euro. But the Group sank to 9.3 million euros net loss – 26 percent more than in the previous year. In the current financial year, the Group is now aiming to curb the minus of around 3.3 million euros. The expansion of the vans business, which is expected to provide Enterprise with strong growth, will also help.