The extensive audio of a talk between President Donald Trump and Howard Stern have revealed, among other things, the way in which the United States President refers to women, in particular his wife Ivanka Trump.

However, a fact that has surprised strangers and strangers is that the now president in 2005 agreed in an air interview that his sons Ivanka and Donald wanted to get their sister Tiffany out of family inheritance, Newsweek magazine reported, which made an update on its first report on the audios it received exclusively.

The moment of revelation is part of a dialogue involving Stern and one of his co-drivers, Robin Quivers, who asks the now US president: “Your older children are nervous every time you have a new child ? ”

The conspiracy of Ivanka and Trump Jr. against his sister Tiffany
Then Trump responds indirectly. “I have a friend who is also very rich … and he tells me how his children hate him every time he has a new child,” he said on Stern’s show. “I said ‘of course, because every one who has a child, is 20 percent less for people (inaudible).”

The conversation changes when Trump talks about “making love to Melania during pregnancy,” but Stern came back to Tiffany’s subject and asked if Ivanka and her sister were trying to “kill the girl”. The businessman replied that “Tiffany is great. I have a great daughter. ”

She then claimed that Tiffany was also “affected” by her new brother, then on the way, Barron, the son of Melania.

“Well, you know, you cut the cake while you’re still producing,” Trump said.

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