The London auction house Chiswick auctioned off a slice of Prince William and Kate’s wedding cake six years after their marriage.

A piece of Prince William and his wife Kate’s wedding cake was auctioned for 638 pounds ($ 855) six years after the wedding, London-based Chiswick said.

The couple married in 2011 at Westmintser Abbey. The wedding cake had eight floors.

This cost a piece of William and Kate's wedding cake

The seller is probably somewhat disappointed: it was estimated that the piece of cake was going to be auctioned for 800 to 1,200 pounds.

According to a Forbes report, a piece of cake had been raised three years ago for $ 7,500. Another historic piece, that of the wedding cake of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of 1947, reached the beginning of the year 550 pounds.

The piece auctioned is wrapped in paper and comes in a box of brass bathed, with a greeting card of Prince Charles and his wife Camila.

It is unknown who put the piece on sale. Several pieces of cake were distributed as souvenirs to the royal wedding guests, according to the auction house.