DC Professor Discusses Leftist Politics During Campus Visit

DC professor visits campus, speaks on leftist politics

On Jan. 26, Assistant Professor David Azerrad gave a talk at the Van Andel Graduate School of Government in Washington, D.C. titled “Narcissism, Wokeness, and The Mind of the Left.” Azerrad argued that conservatives need to better understand the psychology of the left in order to confront it.

Azerrad described the left as the party of intellectuals and the marginalized, claiming that they have the privilege of having their oppression be recognized by the regime. He also said that describing the left as progressive is misleading, as progressives must believe in progress, while the left does not.

Azerrad argued that the left claims victimhood to justify their discontent, and that their agenda is performative. He said that they trust science until the results offend a protected minority, and that the practical application of their ideals fails. Azerrad also said that the left plays to win while the conservatives play not to lose too badly.

Students in attendance said Azerrad’s speech offered a unique and helpful perspective. Freshman Nathan Rastovac said it was something the conservative face today has not been hearing, and freshman Emma Verrigni said she better understands political thinking after hearing Azerrad’s explanation.