“Lasers are no longer just for X-Wings.”

That a film becomes a true cultural referent is not only proven by the fact that millions of moviegoers around the world love it or its influence on the cinematographic future, as in Star Wars IV: A New Hope (George Lucas , 1977), but also by the amount of allusions to it in other works of art and in any product of the communication environment. The last example that has taken us is an inconceivable announcement of the multi-faceted odontologist John Steven Abernathy for the local televisions of Arkansas where he practices his profession, and in which he promotes a new laser treatment that he makes for minimally invasive endodontics.

The dentist from Arkansas who has replaced Luke Skywalker in Star Wars

This good man is placed in the place of Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker during the meeting prior to the attack on the Death Star, in the struggle of the trenches of the same and in the later solemnities to celebrate the victory, and there, neither short or lazy, states the following: “Maybe all of you have the Force, but I have PIPS,” which is what the laser system it uses is called. In the face of all this, which should have left Turulatos to the inhabitants of Arkansas, it is not surprising that Jimmy Kimmel’s program have echoed their publicity feat. “I think there’s a good chance this dental office will get word from a lawyer’s office soon,” Kimmel joked yesterday after releasing some of what you’re about to see.