Iran have continually denied accusation that they are in path to nuclear bomb. There is an underground top-secret site as per the new evidence. The site is mining uranium for preparing nuclear weapon that the west has been blindfold for years.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).  Say Lavizan-3 complex is situated Outside Tehran. It is situated deep underground in tunnels and facilities. The building possess radiation-proof doors for preventing detection from the west energy Agency detectors.

NCRI showed their revelation in news conference in Washington D.C. By showing photos as their evidence to their claims indicating Tehran has blindfolded for more than decade.

Dissident group claims Iran are pursuing nukes underground complexRajavi Maryam said last year that Tehran should not be trusted has they showed more interest about the nuclear bomb .Iran has not compiled to the six united Nation Security Council to suspended enrichment of uranium.

Tehran has long denied that it seeks nuclear weapons, and says that it only wants nuclear capability for the generation of electricity, a claim many critics deride. Fox News contacted the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, but the agency declined to comment.

“We have seen these claims and we take all such reports seriously,” said U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. “We are examining the report but we have no information at this time to support such a conclusion.”

Iran’s United Nations Mission, which has previously branded the National Council of Resistance of Iran as “a terrorist” organization, “a cult,” and claimed that its allegations about the Iranian nuclear program have been “fabricated,” declined to comment.