Dick Pickett: Politics have no place in law enforcement

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Lt. Justin Brown of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Department ran an excellent campaign for sheriff.

Lt. Brown ran as an independent, void of any political party support or money. He lost by only a few votes. An amazing result. His entire campaign was based on the need for changes he would make within the department.

Justin ran “independent” because he believes politics have no place in law enforcement. That was change number one. He believes that decisions and actions by a sheriff’s office should always be even-handed and based on the best interests of citizens and towns.

“I believe that every deputy should be empowered with the right and obligation to treat every incident with the clarity of purpose that leads to honest and fair result under the law,” Justin told me.

His candidacy convinced many voters that this need for change was correct. His years as a leader taught him that deputies must be treated with respect by superior officers, and if we want the best deputies in Oxford County, this respect must be consistently and honestly delivered.

Justin explained that every deputy should be empowered with the right/obligation to treat every incident with honesty and clarity of purpose. That will lead to a fair, and accepted, result under the law.

I hope the sheriff heard the message, and will work with Justin to bring changes to the department. The department and the people of Oxford County deserve no less.

Richard “Dick” Pickett, retired chief of police and retired state police detective, Dixfield

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