We all hate vaccines due to some reason and each flu season becomes is like a nightmare to us, but why we are afraid of them? They are recommended by the doctors to for a precaution, oh as well as let them to earn some money too. Since the season of the cold cannot be predictable, it is highly necessary to get vaccinated when we have limited days for the winter or autumn season. It will be good for you to put your bad experiences that you experienced in the past and be brave to go your doctor to get vaccinated.

Although along with the holiday season, the flu season has come as well, vaccines are not really as searched for as presents and here is why people are reluctant to get vaccinated.

Why We Dislike the Vaccine

A flu vaccination is something doctors highly recommend. No, not just because it’s in their job description or because they could somehow gain more money for sticking you with a needle, but because the vaccine keeps you from getting the flu.

The cold season might be unpredictable. There could be sunny days in which you don’t think the winter coat in necessary and your leather jacket should suffice. And if you happen to also leave your scarf, hat and gloves at home, there you have it: a nice, possibly long cold with a running nose similar to the Niagara Falls and a cough that could scare neighbors on a two-mile radius. And this is the best case scenario. Otherwise you could get high fever or you might even have to go to the hospital.

One of the main reason, many people refuse to get vaccinated is that they have had some bad experiences in the past. To be more exact, some of them started having flu symptoms immediately after getting vaccinated. Therefore, it was only natural that they saw this as a side effect and didn’t bother to do it the next year as well.

But there is an explanation for this. It seems that the vaccine can be made either without the virus or with the virus that has been inactivated. What happens is that although the virus has been inactivated, in some cases the immune system still reacts to the virus, so the cold you catch immediately after getting vaccinated is just your body’s way of responding to the virus.

However, the flu caused by the vaccine starts within 24 to 48 hours after getting the shot and lasts for only a couple of days. On the other hand, if you don’t get the flu shot you increase the risk of catching a cold that could last up to 20 days.

Of course, there is also the case in which the vaccine doesn’t provide enough protection and you still get sick. This usually happens to people with very weak immune systems.

Regardless of your past experiences, it is recommended that you do get vaccinated, as you certainly don’t want to spend your holidays in bed or be one of the 200,000 people who are annually hospitalized because of the flu.