Donald Trump never fails to create buzzing news. This time around it is about the protestors at the rally. He openly quoted during last nights rally, “’I’d like to punch him in the face.”

He appeared to be very angry with this one guy who tried to hijack the rally by throwing nasty comments but was later escorted by the guards to leave the premises.
Donald Trump Angry with a Protestor

CNN’s News :

Donald Trump unleashed tough rhetoric against his rivals as well as a protester at a Monday night rally, the even before the Nevada caucuses.

“I’d like to punch him in the face,” Trump said, remarking that a man disrupting his rally was escorted out with a smile on his face. “He’s smiling, having a good time.”

The GOP front-runner also ratcheted up his attacks on Sen. Ted Cruz, calling his Republican presidential rival “sick.”

Trump: Protester ‘nasty as hell’
Trump claimed the protester was “nasty as hell” and accused the man of trying to punch the security officers forcing him out of the rally, though the man did not appear to be fighting off those officers.

While Trump has at times urged his supporters not to hurt protesters, he has also repeatedly suggested that supporters should be handled more roughly.

When a Black Lives Matter protester was punched and kicked by attendees at a Trump rally last fall, Trump remarked the next day that “maybe he should have been roughed up.”

Shortly after that incident, the Trump campaign began making an announcement at the start of its rallies urging supporters to not harm any protesters, but instead shout “Trump, Trump, Trump” and wait for security officials to escort the protesters out.

The Trump campaign did not make the announcement before Monday’s rally. It was unclear what the man who disrupted it was protesting.

Trump on Cruz: ‘Something wrong with this guy’
Of Cruz, Trump took aim at the senator’s campaign tactics, including the attack ads Cruz and his allies have run against Trump.

“This guy is sick. There’s something wrong with this guy,” Trump said.

Cruz’s campaign has run several ads scrutinizing Trump’s record on a variety of issues important to conservatives, including Trump’s past support for abortion rights and stricter gun control measures.

“I missed the part where Donald challenges our facts?” Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told CNN. “He can’t, because our ads are true — he is not a real conservative. He can’t defend his record, so like a frustrated child, he resorts to name calling.”

Trump has repeatedly slammed Cruz since the Texas senator surged in the polls ahead of the Iowa caucuses and has since ramped up his attacks on him since Cruz beat Trump in the Iowa contest.

The Texas senator, meanwhile, has criticized Trump over a range of issues, from Trump’s support for abortion rights in 1999 to Trump’s use of eminent domain laws for personal gain. He’s also suggested that Trump, who has vowed to repeal Obamacare, supports the signature health care law, pointing to Trump’s September interview with “60 Minutes” in which Trump said that “everyone’s got to be covered” when asked if he supported universal health care.

Donald Trump caused a stir Monday night as he declared he’d like to ‘punch a protester in the face’ for disrupting his rally and lamented it was no longer the ‘good old days’ where such people would have been ‘carried out on a stretcher’.

The Republican front-runner made the controversial comments while on the podium at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, ahead of tomorrow’s Nevada caucus.
His speech had apparently been disrupted by a protester – who Trump claimed was violent – while he was commenting on unfair trade practices.



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