The provider is partnering with Barracuda Networks, Skyhigh Networks and Symantec. Administrators also get more controls for Dropbox Paper Beta. In addition, Dropbox announces the expansion of its infrastructure also in Europe, to make its offer thereby faster.

Dropbox has expanded the administration tools for its enterprise offerings again. Already in July, the company had introduced additional administrative options for IT departments as part of an initiative called AdminX. These efforts are now being continued. The current improvements include network control, device release, and audit log. The additional administration tools are now available to business and enterprise customers via the administration console. For the first quarter of 2017, the introduction of a subdomain review was also announced.

With the innovations in the network control dropbox administrators wants to help prevent data flow. Specifically, the use of private Dropbox accounts across enterprise networks is blocked and only access to company accounts is allowed. For implementation of the rules function Dropbox cooperates with provider of so-called Web gateways. A compatibility check was conducted for Barracuda Networks products, Skyhigh Networks and Symantec.

Dropbox is expanding its security capabilities for enterprises

With additional device sharing options, administrators can now limit the number of synchronized devices. In addition, the approval procedure can now be more flexibly adapted. The updated audit protocol will simplify reporting and audit activities. It should be “available in a few weeks”. Administrators of business accounts in the Dropbox Administration Console can then investigate targeted user activity. According to Dropbox, 350 different activities can be filtered according to user, file name, date and type.

In the course of the first quarter of 2017, administrators with a subdomain check are also given the opportunity to provide Dropbox for certain groups and to merge existing accounts into the company domain.

Symantec’s addition to the Dropbox Partner Network, which will strengthen existing collaboration, is also expected to increase security. The two companies see the step as a promise that they will pursue more and more integration initiatives in the future more vigorously. The aim is to provide additional information on access rights and data protection to corporate customers. To this end, Symantec’s Data Loss Prevention solution will be integrated into Dropbox Business.