Election 2024 chat: Ask a politics editor campaign questions March 14

While President Biden hasn’t formally announced a 2024 campaign yet, he is widely expected to run for president again. But before he officially launches his campaign, he’ll need to decide who will join his senior campaign leadership team.

I’m Brianna Tucker, a deputy politics editor for The Washington Post. I’ve covered Congress, climate, three election cycles, and was tuned in during all 15 rounds of Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s path to the speakership — shout out to C-SPAN. I’m answering your questions every Tuesday about politics and 2024, and sharing the inside scoop from our reporters on the campaign trail.

For my next chat, I’ll be joined by national political reporter Michael Scherer. He’s covered everything from the early state primary calendar to the numerous Fox News controversies and how it could impact the Republican primary. Do Democratic voters want Biden to run in 2024? Does Marianne Williamson have a shot at the presidency? What does “woke” even mean (and where did the term come from)? We’ll tackle it all.

Send us your question below. The question box includes a space for your name, but this is optional. Your question may be edited for accuracy and clarity. Bookmark this page, and check back March 14 at 12 p.m. Eastern time for the live discussion.

Alexandra Pannoni, newsroom talent & community editor, produced this Q&A.